Business Professionals

UVA Physicians Group business professionals

Information Technology (IT), Legal, Finance, Human Resources, Management

Behind the scenes of a great medical enterprise is great teamwork. Working collaboratively within UPG and with cross-functional teams in the Medical Center and School of Medicine, UPG provides strategic leadership for a complex and growing organization. UPG business professionals work in a fast-paced, autonomous, and dynamic work environment that supports continual improvement and innovation. The core values of UVA Health System–respect, integrity, stewardship and excellence—guide decision-making and make it possible for each individual to enjoy success. You can end each day with pride in your contribution to a world-class health system.

UPG. A team and mission putting people first.

Featured Position: Director of Finance and Corporate Treasurer

This position is responsible for the financial operations of the organization, including administrative, clinical and capital budgeting, accounting, financial analysis, cashiering, payroll oversight, financial systems, and financial regulatory reporting and compliance. Apply now.

Featured Position: Accounting Analyst

The Accounting Analyst is responsible for activities and transactions related to accounts payable including accounting of all trade payables and payments made through the UVA Physicians Group (UPG), and for ensuring that payments are properly supported and approved and in compliance with UPG policies and procedures. Apply now.



“I have great mentors who support my success.”

UPG Business Professional